Monday, February 2, 2009

Lunching In

Since I found out I’m expecting, I’ve become very conscious of the food that I ingest and fluids that I intake. I do away with prohibited food – anything raw, soft cheeses, shellfish, deli, sweets & other junk food. I do my level best to eat cereals in the morning with pasteurized milk for a good dose of calcium. I also monitor my intake of fluids: at least a liter & a half of water a day and a glass of pasteurized orange juice. On weekends,I ask the hubby to squeeze oranges for me ‘cos I just love it’s natural flavor!

I was told by my brother-in-law to avoid eating out as much as possible. He suggested that I should only eat home-cooked dishes to make sure that the food I eat was prepared properly. So when we got back to Dubai, hubby & I made extra effort to prepare healthy dishes to pack for lunch. And today, these are what I had in my lunch box:

That’s Beef Broccoli (sans the oyster sauce) & a cupful of Jasmine rice. To keep the broccoli’s flavor, I steamed it separately. For snacks, I brought a medium sized navel orange and a Kellog’s Rice & Wheat Cereal Bar with yoghurt flavor topping. Since I get frequent hunger pangs at work, I stocked up on Nestle Fitness Whole Grain Cereals with Fruits and a bottle of full cream pasteurized milk in our pantry. As our company promotes wellness to its staff, we have lots of fruits like granny smith, fuji apples & bananas which we can grab anytime we like so I get a good dose of fruity goodness everyday.

It is a challenge though when hunger strikes you when you’re on your way home. Our travel time is around 45 minutes each day so by the time the clock hits 5:45 pm, my stomach grumbles ever so loudly. I haven’t found a solution to this yet (other than stopping at the nearest fast food & grab a quick bite) so if you have any suggestions, they’re more than welcome.


cheche said...

hi gracie! talgang you'll go hungry often. i can see myself in you. i have a big bag which i bring to work. my colleagues will tease me kasi talgang sobrang laki ng bag ko and they couldnt believe it when i said puro food laman nun. tapos one time pa, nakita pa ko ng officemate ko na bumibili ng food. she said, your snacks not enough? *lol*

for baby naman kaya saka na diet diet!

have an easy pregnancy! take care

andrea said...

i am excited for you gurl.. take care okay :)

Kelly said...

nice lunch kit!

naku, you shouldn't have asked me what you should eat on a regular preggy day as i'll tell you to eat danggit, longganisa, fried eggs, fried rice, and every salty food there is! yan kasi favorite ko nung buntis ako kay manu =)

Gracie said...

hi che,
naku, i eat like a highschool teenager who ransacks the fridge every 20 minutes! and yes, they get surprised, too na may baon & stock na nga akong food, i still buy other food pa at odd times of the day. correct, saka na ang diet 'cos para naman kay baby.

you take care, too & keep safe.

Gracie said...

hi drea,
thanks girl! mwah!

Gracie said...

hi kelly,
thanks - i do love that lunch kit so much! 'yan lang kse & an umbrella ang na-afford ko kse sa Harrods :)
oh gosh, i wish i can eat lotsa salty food. that's what i crave for most of the time. it's too hard to resist the temptation!

tracypamela said...

Buti ka pa you have an appetite at your stage. Ako I started enjoying eating towards the end of my 4th month na. Wish I could eat as healthy as you do. Pao and I love to eat out lately

Crinklynose said...

sis, bring more than just 1 fruit.

try to prep something like strawberry+bluberries+yogurt. or you can bring banana, apples that didn't require refrigeration :o)

you gotta eat small meals/snacks every 3 hrs (at least yan ang experience ko kasi ang bilis kong magutom, hahah). so just make sure you have something you can easily reach in your bag.

tc and enjoy :o)

Gracie said...

hi tracy,
i’m so glad i have the appetite na ‘cos i’m the type of person who can’t think when my stomach’s empty…LOL! try to eat healthy by gorging on fruits. it can help us preggy women with our constipation problem, too.

Gracie said...

thanks for the tip, Berns! i’ll try to concoct something with yoghurt.
what frustrates me is that i eat a lot already and yet i’m still hungry. we have lots of fruits here in the office and i wolf down a piece every 2 hours, but it seems my body is always craving for something heavier – like rice!

Shelly said...

Hi gracie! Are you drinking ladymil na ba? It should be good for you and the baby. You're craving mostly salty foods? Mukang little ryan nga :)

Joanne MV said...

Congrats sis! Ü