Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the ‘hers’ desk

when we move to our new flat next month, i am going to invest on this:

a new workstation for me :)

yes, after careful thought, i decided it’s high time i get a new workstation for myself. i am having difficulties using our current one - it’s too small, i hate the pull out drawer for the keyboard & the drawers look rickety. plus the chair we are using isn’t comfy. it’s giving me unwanted backaches!

this set is reasonably priced and i like it that it looks so clean. now i can finally have a special place for Amanda, my Freecom external HD, hubby’s 1 terrabyte external HD, external speakers and other stationery that come in handy. i just have to get a new Mighty Mouse as it had already conked out several times despite the change in batteries.

i hope this fits the corner where i intend to position it. the week after next, we will be stopping by the building to work on the measurements before we order any additional furniture that we will be purchasing.

wondering where Ryan would be doing his work? in our living room :) he just assembled a new PC which he’ll use as an entertainment PC for downloads and other what have you’s. he got himself a wireless keyboard & mouse that he can use once the we get the coffee table as his desk. and his screen? the 32” LCD TV.

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