Tuesday, February 17, 2009

hearty dinner

i am totally enjoying my second trimester. apart from the appetite i currently have which lets me eat with too much gusto every three hours, the morning sickness has abandoned me, much to my delight. i can eat whatever i fancy (except for the prohibited ones), and savor the aroma and flavor of whatever i am eating. i also enjoy cooking in the kitchen, and thank God i didn't experience any urge to scram whenever i smell something being sauteed. i love the smell of food, and i'm so happy i have no aversions so far.

this early evening on our way home, i felt a sudden craving for Nando's Peri-Peri chicken. a few blocks away from our apartment, hubby made a little detour to get to Al Qasba so i could taste the sumptuous flame-grilled chicken that was making my mouth water like crazy!

weather was perfect for some walking so we parked on the other side and crossed the tiny bridge that was connecting the two strips of restos and cafes separated by a narrow creek. we ordered mild quarter frango for each of us with spicy rice and coleslaw on the side. i was so hungry i wolfed down my food, which was a first because i've never finished any meal at Nando's ever because i was not so much of a fan of spicy food. i guess pregnancy can really change you and your tastebuds after all. so much for avoiding the variety of peri-peri sauces they have all these years.

after dinner, we walked a little bit more on the other side before going back to the parking to see what new restaurants have opened up since we've been there last. we were excited to see that they already have a branch of our favorite Thai resto, The Lemon Grass. next time we're there, we would definitely dine in and maybe try some of their newly offered specials. ooh, i can't wait already!


cheche said...

wow! 2nd trim ka na? bilis talga ng panahon. enjoy mo yan kasi sa 3rd trim, medyo mahirap na ulit. nd na kumportable!

parehas tayo, alang food aversions. saya d ba? =D

Gracie said...

hi che,
yes, i'm so happy na walang food aversions!! kaya kahit ano kinakain ko :) enjoy na enjoy ko ang easiest trimester of all :D
di bale, konting tiis na lang sayo...lapit mo na makita si baby :)