Saturday, January 31, 2009

Simple Indulgences

Last Thursday evening after work, hubby and I found ourselves having dinner at The Dome Cafe in the DIFC. Our stomachs were grumbling so loudly so we decided to indulge ourselves to our all-time favorite recipes: Grilled Garlic Prawns & Garlic Chicken plus a tall glass of Lemon Mint Juice (that hubby thoroughly enjoyed). Thereafter, we went to my favorite supermarket, Safestway, to buy some ingredients for his carrot cake and to stock up on some PX goods - Tostitos Restaurant Style Nachos, Tostitos Mild Cheese Salsa, Butterfinger, Reese's Peanut Buttercups with Caramel & Raisinets - that can't be easily found in other supermarkets in town.

But our favorite indulgence that night were these:

HIS - obviously (haha!)
HERS - i love bananas!

The moment the first spoonful touched my lips, it literally felt like heaven! I haven't had Chunky Monkey in a very long time. I always buy the Choco Chip Cookie Dough which is my all-time favorite but because it's too sweet, I decided to grab the Chunky Monkey tub instead.

How about you, what are your indulgences lately? 


Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

oh so yummy, gracie! I want to taste that too! not sure if meron dito sa Manila.

ako lately...ROYCE chocolates. melt in your mouth goodness talaga! hahaha! quite expensive indulgence in just one seating ha!?! one box nya, gas expense ko na one week pa-office! hahaha!

happy sunday!

PM said...

ooh, ben and jerry's! yummy!! but go easy on the sweets, gracie :)

Gracie said...

hi jacqui,
you should try B & J ice creamy & flavorful! i like it better than Haagen Daazs. yup, Royce is really addictive! we had our taste, too while in Manila. we tried so hard to find the store in HK but failed. sulit naman ang bayad, di ba? super yummy!

Gracie said...

hi pat,
yes, YUMMY talaga! and thanks for the reminder. i'm not so fond of sweets lately. all the chocolates were for hubby :) and i don't like cakes, too. i only eat ice cream once a week - and max of 5 spoonfuls lang. i just wanted the flavor to tickle my tastebuds :)

Kelly said...

CHUNKY MONKEY!!!!!! It's my super favorite B & J ice cream! I remember when Gats and I were in HK during our honeymoon, I ate a cup (or more) of this right after lunch and dinner - and this went on for 4 days straight!

Gracie said...

i can't blame you, kel! sarap naman talaga eh! kundi lang ako preggy, naubos ko agad yun in one sitting :)

tracypamela said...

I miss B&J :( although I've been pigging out on Haagen Daz's Dulce de Leche. So yummy too but have to watch my sugar intake

AEC said...

favorite! chunky monkey! ;)

AEC said...

gracie, royce in hk is near city super in harbour city. across page one.

Gracie said...

hi tracy,
bakit ba ang sarap ng icecream 'pag preggy? yep, we better watch our sugar intake...mahirap na!

Gracie said...

hi mandy,
sarap talaga ng chunky monkey! one of the best there is! and thanks for sharing where Royce is in HK. goodness, napagod feet namin kakahanap! hehe!