Monday, January 26, 2009

our 2008 holidays

would you believe ours was uneventful? seriously. granted that the stork came to visit, we did not have any grand celebration during the holidays. Christmas and New Year came by but were spent quietly with family. since i couldn’t go home on the 25th to see my family, they just visited us at my in-laws. they also dropped by on the day of my Dad’s flight which also happened to be our 3rd Civil wedding anniversary. our 2nd Church anniversary was spent at Rockwell lunching at Pepper Lunch and buying some sweets at Royce. i told you - nothing really fancy schmancy.

as i have been put to bed rest, all our planned trips and activities didn’t push
through. we wanted to go to Tagaytay so badly, but because i cannot go on a long trip, it was scrapped. we also wanted to find a property in the south that we can invest in, but didn’t get a chance to. we wanted to dine at all the restaurants we have in our list but only managed to achieve less than half of what was listed. we wanted to watch a movie at the premier moviehouses in town, but didn’t get to. pregnancy got in the way, BUT we really didn’t mind. there’s always a next time anyway. baby comes FIRST...always.

despite the restrictions i had, i was still able to see not just our relatives but also our friends. i met up with my ex-colleagues, had coffee (i didn’t know then that i was already preggy and i only had iced tea) with my ex-gym buddies, had dinner with highschool friends & college chums, had a belated Christmas party with my highschool barkada with their respective families and also met up with a few of Ryan’s sisses. we also attended 3 weddings in one day – a gradeschool friend, a highschool barkada and a college barkada, two days before i went to see the OB for the first time. shame that i didn't get a chance to take a pic of Ryan in his suit as he attended a separate wedding. it was a tiring day, but was so much fun!

coffee with my gym mates

dinner with my ex-colleagues & our Ninong

having dinner with my kumares & kumpare at G3

at Glenn & Olive's wedding reception

with gradeschool friend, Irene & her hubby at Drea's wedding

HS Barkada Christmas Party at Linden Suites

college friends at Murakami

my HS tormentors who love me to bits
at Bonifacio High Street

before we left for Dubai, we went for some last minute shopping for pasalubong - glad that my team mates liked the otap (sugar biscuits) and polvoron i bought for them.

i guess our 6 weeks in Manila wasn’t so bad. some days it rained, but i honestly liked the cool weather. we spent a lot of time watching TV and updating ourselves with the news. i read books, too because of the extra time i had in my hands. and Ryan had time to play with Alexis, his beloved black Labrador Retriever.

i’m sure our next holiday in Manila will be quite different. but i bet that would be doubly fun! i'm already looking forward to it as early as now.


Incog & Nito said...

The photos are wonderful, looks like a great time was had by all! Enjoy your day.

Munchkin Mommy said...

wow! you got really busy having fun! that's my kind of busy. :) super inggit ako! sana makapagbakasyon din kami na ganyan kahaba...with pay! haha! i wish you more fun times ahead! :)

Gracie said...

hi weng,
naku, ang hirap bumalik after the holiday. parang ayaw na namin bumalik sa trabaho..haha! cheers to more of the fun times ahead for both of us :)

Joanne MV said...

Hi sis! Have a tag for you - :)