Thursday, January 29, 2009

new nook

we’re moving flats next month! i am so happy! we’re finally getting a bigger 2-bedroom unit in anticipation of the little one. the building is brand new, nearer to our workplace & just right next to a shopping mall (scary for our pockets!). it’s accessible and more importantly, has a proper parking area. no need to worry about the car being parked at a barren lot. we chose the 2nd floor (which is technically the 6th floor) because we don’t want to go down many flights in case of an emergency.

i’m so excited to decorate the flat! i know it’s not advisable for pregnant women to move houses, but heck, we are doing this for the baby. our friends volunteered to lend a hand so i’m sure the move will be easier with more people doing the work. for now, we need to start sorting the things that we can give away, sell and throw. we also need to get a few boxes to put the stuff we need to transfer. and we also need to scout for a few pieces of furniture that will compliment the ones that we already have. there’s an ongoing sale everywhere so now’s a good time to buy. i wanna get a bigger dining set!

i hope after all the decorating gets done before my tummy gets a lot bigger. i’d need to focus on adorning the nursery, too, and as early as now, i’m already checking out stuff to be used by the baby. i never knew window shopping for babies can be so much fun!


Vannie said...

good luck sa new place grace, new baby, new place! how fun ^_^

AEC said...

congrats! there's a name to call yung preparing your home for the little one--nesting. :) that'll be fun!

Gracie said...

hi vannie,
thanks a lot! yep, we need all the luck with the move...lalo na kay hubby 'cos ako magsu-supervise lang..haha!

Gracie said...

hi mandy,
i guess nesting na nga. mas excited pa ang daddy-to-be, kahit na hardwork & stressful ang move. we imagine it to be really fun 'cos parang start from scratch ulit.

gracita said...

buying stuff for the house is fun but the moving part per se...well, good luck! :) ANG HIRAP!!! :)

tama yan, supervise ka lang. mahirap na. although i have to admit, ako siguro, hindi ko kayang mag-supervise lang. kailangan ako talaga gagawa, haha :)

PM said...

i don't know what's with that superstition. I moved houses when I was preggy. It's just that you have to take care not to over exert yourself. : )

Gracie said...

hi gracita,
i imagine it can be real hard. but we're just too excited! we're starting to pack little by little already, plus a lot are volunteering to help us. i'll really make use of those extra hands. i just hope i could stop myself from doing the work though.

Gracie said...

hi pat,
i sure will take care when we move. i'm not into superstitions 'cos i'd rather be practical & realistic. besides, although moving can be very stressful, it can also be so much fun, right? :)