Sunday, January 18, 2009

giving up

…my high heeled shoes!

yes, you read that right – i am giving up my beloved tall shoes to give way to flats and bling slides. now that i am expecting, i have begun unearthing my ballerina flats, which i only use during weekends. in fact, i have bought 3 additional pairs while in Manila, apart from the one i got in Hong Kong.

it takes a lot of getting used to, i must admit. and i feel like a midget next to my colleagues! just last November, i was eyeing a lovely red pair, but now i have to rest my feet and make do with what is comfortable to wear. knowing me, i am the type who loves
high heels because i feel sexy in them. i rarely wear anything less than 3 inches high. sometimes i even go for 4 inches on special occasions. and when i spot a nice pair of platform shoes, i immediately buy them without hesitation. i am proud that i can wear heels all day!

i believe high heels can add glamour to your outfit, that’s why i carefully choose what’s best to go with my suits or dresses. i open my options to many shoe brands so that i can select from a broad range of designs and style. too bad i just discovered Flirty Lingerie’s sexy shoes now – at a time when i can only look but not indulge. add to the fact that probably after giving birth, my feet will be bigger. i wish i found them sooner though because they have a wide array of nice high heels to choose from. i could’ve been sporting a lot more prettier pairs if i had!


AEC said...

inggit ako sayo, you can wear heels all day long. i have a few pairs of high heeled shoes and they're never more than 3" high. daya pa ang iba kasi wedge. i love love love flats, esp ballet flats. :) now i'm loving my asics sneakers. so comfy!

naku, sana your feet won't get bigger during & after your pregnancy. that's what happen to other mommies.

Liza said...

the best word for soon to be MOM, and as expected your feet would shift into another size maybe a half or an inch or so... gaya ko! anyway SHOES lang yan.. the greatest gift will come soon that will bring you joy and happiness as well as you will now feel the "ESSENCE OF BEING A WOMAN"
GOOD LUCK cuz.. you can still wear all the high heeled shoes you'll love and enjoy it as well after giving birth..
Have a HAPPY & SAFE Pregnancy..

Gracie said...

hi mandy,
siguro ganun talaga when you're short...mamahalin mo ang high heels :D lam mo bang ilang beses na kong napagalitan dito sa work before 'cos i run in my heels...hazardous daw! but i'm loving my flats...super comfy talaga. and yes, sana nga my feet won't get bigger after pregnancy. thanks!

Gracie said...

hi liza,
thanks for swinging by! ok na sa 'kin not to wear heels for the time being. i'm enjoying every moment of my pregnancy naman & wearing flats is one of the perks :)