Sunday, January 4, 2009

a delinquent blogger what i am. yes, i'm such a bad blogger, and i admit it shamefully!

i've been so lazy the last few weeks. even though there are lots of stories to tell and updates to share, i couldn't find time to sit and blog away. i'm always distracted by the telly, to be honest. such a lousy excuse, i know, but that's the truth.

now that the wifi connection here at home is up and running, i may just find myself blogging again. at least i can connect while staying in bed...that's very tempting! no more getting up and moving to the living room area to surf. yey!

i owe you these stories, and inshallah, i finish them all before i head back to work:
1.) Macau & HK stories
2.) our holiday celebrations
3.) updates on our vacay
4.) milestones on our pregnancy

and before i forget, it was nice seeing you Jody at Crustasia in Rockwell. you look younger in person :) and your kids are so adorable, too.

hope everyone had a great holiday. till my next post!


Vannie said...

naku, agree sister. super busy catching up w/ work after the holidays. ehehehe

Crinklynose said...

naku sis, ako rin, uber tamad ko mag blog, hahahaa :o)

anyhoo, just do it whenever you feel like it :o)

hope everything is doing great w/ the 3 of you :o)

tc, hugs!