Sunday, January 25, 2009

cold spell in the UAE

news about snow falling in the UAE got me feeling amazed. i thought it was just a myth that a portion of the UAE experiences snowfall…until the northern emirate of Ras Al Khaimah experienced heavy snow fall on their Jebel Jais mountain cluster last weekend. wow!

that probably explains why Friday was extra chilly (and rainy, too). it’s been really cold since we arrived here from our holidays, and just this morning, outside temp was 13 degrees celsius. good thing cars here come with heaters and seat warmers! for good measure, i also have a fleece blanket, a comfy pillow and a pair of airline socks kept in the car ‘cos even though i love the winter season here, i easily get cold. besides, it always feels good being on the road feeling all warm and toasty when it’s cold and rainy outside, doesn’t it?

*pic courtesy of Gulf News


AEC said...

wow! dito nawala na ang cold weather. :(

Gracie said...

hi mandy,
dito rin. all of a sudden it became warmer. from 16 degrees last week, this morning it's already 22 degrees. what's wrong with the planet? :(