Friday, January 16, 2009

back in Dubai

our 6-week long holiday officially ended yesterday. in as much as we wanted to extend it a bit longer, we really can't anymore because we both needed to get back to our jobs.   

my choice of airline whenever i travel back home is Emirates. i like it that the flight is direct - no stopovers, declared or otherwise.  and i know i made the right choice when once again, i've experienced their impressive service both in the ground and up in the air. we checked in online in the morning of the 14th, chose our seats and printed our receipts.  as advised by my cousin, we went for the tail end of the plane - the last three rows where there are only two seats on each window.  that was a good choice because we didn't have anybody else next to us and the loo was just a few steps away - perfect for preggy me!  also, the cabin crews usually stay in the galley so whenever i needed something like a glass of water or a piece of fruit, they can easily get to me.  or i can walk over to them to stretch my legs, too. 

since we checked in online, we didn't have to queue with the rest of the passengers (i swear, the line was so loooonnngggg!) and just approached counter 12.  we submitted our travel docs, checked in our luggage and we were done in no time.  as always, checking in with Emirates is a breeze. i was impressed, too that they took care of us quite well as our names were marked in their list.  you see, a few days before our flight, i called their airport services and asked for their advise on how i'd carry the prescribed tubes of natural progesterone with me which all must be kept cool.  i spoke to Anne, who was very efficient and made sure my check in was hassle free. she advised us to use dry ice and put it in a cooler for check in. a few hours before we left home, she even called us to check on how the medications were packed and asked if we needed anything else. when we were checking in, another ground staff approached us too see if everything is ok because they said if i needed to carry one with me to use on board, they would advise the purser of the plane immediately so that i can be attended to promptly when it's time to use my Crinone during the flight. wow, talk about customer service! i give them 5 stars for that!

lucky for us, too because my cousin was a crew in our flight. during her breaks, she would come by our seats and check on how we're doing.  and she even steamed a cup of milk for me to keep me warm and comfy!  despite the flight being bumpy and the absence of a foot rest (cost cutting measures, you know), our flying experience was enjoyable! i didn't get any sleep as i have been munching on fruits and crackers and drinking loads of water, which made me go on a number of trips to the loo, so i just watched Eagle Eye, Wild Child and Get Smart to keep me entertained. 

when we landed in Dubai, it was freezing.  temp was about 19 degrees and it was rainy.  it felt like Manila in the evenings where the air was cool, especially when it rained. oh gosh, i'm starting to miss home again and i just got back :(

anyway, still more stories to come so watch out. 

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