Saturday, January 17, 2009

attending trade shows

part of my job requires me to attend conferences and exhibits locally and abroad.  i love it because not only do i get a chance to see the world, but I also get to meet a lot of new people.  i have been doing this job for almost three years now, and i find it very interesting.

i’ve had experience being on trade show exhibits, especially in the US. i love the atmosphere especially when there’s good traffic of people.  even though it can be very tiring, it still is fun.  but what excites me the most is watching the setting up of the exhibits where i get to see the workers put up the displays.  their creativity is remarkable!  i bet some of those exhibitors are clients of Gilbert Displays.  that is not surprising because they are a trusted name in the industry.

now that i am pregnant, i don’t think i’ll be attending any trade show exhibit soon.  but that is fine, there’s still next year anyway. 

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