Sunday, December 7, 2008

supreme bathing experience

ever since i was little, i have always dreamed of having a bathtub in our home. i would always feel envious of my cousins who have bathtubs to bathe in and enjoy. that is why whenever i go on vacation at their house, i always look forward to having the chance to savor a nice bath, and imagine i am in a fashionable soap commercial. yes, i am that imaginative as a child!

when i got to Dubai, my dream came true when i moved in to a flat that has its own bath tub. it's not exactly like those whirlpool bathtubs you see on glossy home magazines, but i immensely like it. i can go for bubble baths anytime i want at the privacy of my own home. i also use the bath salts i received as gifts and those that i bought from the resort in the dead sea. i have loads of bottles of cream bath that i keep in stock, too which i choose from depending on my mood. i even light candles around the bathtub when i want a total spa-like experience. oh, it's so relaxing and heavenly!

i told Ryan that when we build our dream home, i want white clawfoot tubs on all the bathrooms. a clawfoot tub may look scary for some (reminds you of the movie "What Lies Beneath"), but i simply love the classic and vintage look of it. i'm always impressed with houses that have such bathtubs in their bathrooms. i'm simply attracted to its shape and the fact that it is not attached to a hard concrete that is covered with tiles. it's like a separate fixture to the room that gives it a distinct, tasteful look.

i'd also like to make a provision for discount walk-in bathtubs that i can order online. this bathtub will be ideal for my grandparents and for our parents when they get older so they can easily access the tub without the hassle and difficulty of getting in. it will be a real treat to them knowing that they can still savor a nice bath without the fuss.

i am a fussy person when it comes to bathrooms - it's one of my favorite parts of the house. i just hope i can turn my plans into reality as i would love to have a fabulous bathroom at home. one bathtub would be enough for me.

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