Tuesday, December 2, 2008

a new challenge

last night, i officially became a photographer. i earned my first paycheck and it feels so good! :)

a week ago, my bessie, who is a part-time events photographer, called me to ask if i'm available to help her cover an Emirati wedding. she needed a 2nd photographer, and that photographer must be a lady. reason being is that in an Emirati wedding, parties for the couple are held separately per gender. normally, the bride will only be escorted by the groom to enter the hall before midnight, and then he leaves her to party with her family & friends. he will then come back to pick her up after a few hours. so you expect that the guests to this kind of party are only women (poor groom, he must be feeling awkward being in a room full of women of all ages!). anyway, since i haven't been to an Emirati wedding before and wanted to experience one, i happily obliged.

while bessie was busy with the bride's preps and the couple's shoot before they made the entrance, i was assigned to take pictures of the guests, details and the venue. i would be lying if i'd say it was pure fun, 'cos it wasn't. i was so tired from standing all throughout the night! plus i had to run around the place to cover much ground (500 guests!!) and talk to people to ask them if it's ok to take their photos or not (some local women are not willing to be photographed). the garden of Four Seasons Golf Club was huge i had to work double time!

but despite feeling worn out after the shoot, i felt a sense of fulfillment knowing that photography is for me. being a camwhore that i am, it feels strange being the one behind the viewfinder, but i realize that i like it. i know i still need to learn more and practice a whole lot to improve my skills, but i know i will slowly get there. i'm simply happy that our investment is already starting to pay off. Ryan earns a few hundred bucks, as well on similar gigs, so the 40D is being put to good use. oh, we just love our cam!

going back to the wedding, i wish i can show you pictures of what i had taken last night, but i couldn't as the pictures are exclusively for the bride & dashing groom's eyes (and their families) only. i can only describe the garden as magical - adorned with the most beautiful flowers you could ever imagine, with a backdrop of brightly lit man-made waterfalls that could mesmerize you. the Anne Hathaway look-alike bride was radiant in a Monique Lhuiller wedding gown (which she says is the most flattering wedding gown she's ever tried on), while the groom was simply dashing, even in his traditional dress. they make a beautiful couple! :)

now that the photographer in me has been unleashed, expect this blog to filled with more photos. yes, i am up for a new challenge, and i'm loving it!


Vannie said...

nku if u have the talent for it, then go for it.

ako nga din eh when i have the time, i want to learn photography talaga...

its fun pala din being behind the cam and not in front! ehehehe

can't wait to see ur work!

Gracie said...

thanks for the support, vannie! originally, we thought of enrolling Ryan to a photography class. looks like sasabit na rin ako :) and correct, ang saya din pala 'pag ikaw ang kumukuha ng picture. practice pa ko ng marami using my G9 tutal may manual function din yun. and i'm reading my hubby's book, too. i think i found my new hobby :D

PM said...

good for you, gracie! and u get paid pa for something u like to do.

that's one thing i really want to learn too. esp. since the hubby has a dslr, sayang naman if i don't get to maximize it.

Gracie said...

thanks, pat! i just tinkered with hubby's cam, and had good practice with my G9. i hope tuloy-tuloy na 'cos i didn't realize that it can pay you well, too! :)