Wednesday, December 3, 2008

LV's latest ad

...made me gasp! and no, not by any of its leather items, but by its new face. i've just seen it and i was totally thrilled. it's none other than my favorite James Bond of all time, Sir Sean Connery. i just love how Annie Leibovitz captured that famous look of his for the 'Core Values' campaign. boy, oh boy, he still looks very much dashing even at the age of 78!

see what i'm talking about?

on another note, i wish i could get the hubby the same Keepall he's modeling for Christmas :) but because the world is currently in recession, so to speak, i'd opt to get him the more practical gift i had in mind.


PM said...

i love the ad! and i like the casualness of it all

Gracie said...

hi pat - yup, that's what i love about it, too (i mean, apart from Sean Connery). this was shot in Bahamas near his home. it's so casual but ang lakas ng dating :)

AEC said...

loves it! i also like the gorbachev & coppola ads. hubby also wants that keepall/bandouliere type. pero kurips. ako sabi ko, go go go na. ayaw. hehe. of course, i have my secret intentions of using it for myself really, haha.