Monday, December 1, 2008

long holiday

remember i posted the other day that we’ll be having a 2-day holiday in celebration of the UAE National Day? turns out the government decided to extend it to one more day because Thursday was sandwiched between a holiday and a weekend. they declared it yesterday afternoon, much to my disappointment because we could’ve booked our trip a couple of days earlier than planned! now there are no more seats available on any flight starting tomorrow early morning *big sigh!*.

i wanted to take advantage of the 2-day holiday to pack our stuff and do a last clean-up of the apartment before we leave, and devote Thursday as an errand day to go to our banks for the bank transfers for our online payment of bills come end of December. with the last minute change, we had to amend our plans and squeeze all the banking stuff today. oh well, what else can we do? i guess we’ll just have to ride with the tide.

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