Saturday, December 6, 2008

gift hunt

for a change, we have started our Christmas shopping earlier this year. we didn’t want to be in the malls with crowded people, so we began building our list as early as August, and planned ahead with what to get for people. we have already bought plenty of items for our respective families, relatives and friends, both here and abroad, so you can just imagine how long our list is.

but despite being prepared for the holidays gift giving (or so we thought), we seem to have forgotten to include a few more people that we need to get gifts for. and it’s always a challenge to find nice gifts for men because they’re very particular with designs and styles. like for my Dad for instance. we have searched high and low for a suitable gift for him, but nothing comes up and we always go home empty handed. he’s very choosy with his things and would always go with tried and tested items that would last him for many years. if all else fails, my last resort would be to get him one of those mens sunglasses which he can put to good use. i remember he likes getting himself some dandy pairs before, and when i was younger, he would always carry one wherever he goes. i haven’t seen him sport a new one lately. i suppose one of those new arrival Ray Bans would do the trick. it would suit him quite well because their sunglasses are fashionably made to suit any facial shape. most importantly, i know for sure he would like it because that’s his sunglasses brand for the longest time.

now that i am considering getting this gift for Dad, i might as well get my Mom a pair, too. i’m leaning towards Arnette sunglasses because they look casual yet so chic. i love their designs and I’m so certain Mom will like owning one, as well. like my Dad, she likes wearing sunglasses when traveling. she lost her favorite pair a couple of years ago, and she hasn’t replaced it since, so this will be a nice surprise for her this Christmas. well, that and a new pair of earrings.

it’s good i still have enough time to pick out gifts for my parents. thank goodness i’m already done shopping gifts for the rest of my family! for Ryan’s side, we’re done buying gifts 100%, which is a first. in fact, when we went to Duty Free this afternoon, we only shopped for chocolates and a few groceries. what an achievement!

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slyn said...

I bought my sister a pair of Arnette sunglasses for Christmas and shel loved them. Since she is the super style person in our family I was pleased that she loved them so much. SHopping on the internet for Christmas gifts or anytime is the way to go-easy to look at what you want to look at and not be dependent on sales people who have no clue anyway.