Wednesday, December 3, 2008

from strangers to friends

when we went to Petra last summer, we met a lovely Chinese couple who are of same age as us.  we had dinner altogether after the Petra by night, and chatted away like old chums. we learned that Charles was on a study leave (he's an MBA student at Harvard), and during his break, he decided to tour the middle east with his fiancee Vivian. 

they were ecstatic when they found out Ryan and i were from Dubai! turns out the next leg of their tour was Dubai. Charles felt doubly excited when i told him i work at the DIFC 'cos apparently, he really did wanna see the centre.  so a week after, we met up and toured them around the district. we had dinner at Noodle House and helped them choose some dates to bring home. we also accompanied them to buy souvenirs and check out some diamond rings for Vivian at the Gold Souk.  

since then, we've kept in touch. and the other day, just before our offices closed for the holiday, i received this parcel at work:

when i opened it, this is what i saw:

goody - a Sex & The City DVD! and an extended cut at that! i was so happy 'cos i haven't seen the movie yet ('cos it wasn't played here), and i've been dying to get my hands on a clear copy via torrent. i've been tormenting the husband for months now to find me a decent copy, and it looks like he doesn't need to bother anymore.

to Charles & Vivian, thanks again for the gift. you shouldn't have sent us a thank you gift - it wasn't necessary. we were quite happy to tour you guys around. nonetheless, we do appreciate the gift a lot, especially me. you remembered that SATC wasn't played here, and i find that really thoughtful. 

see, i told you being chatty pays well :)

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