Wednesday, December 3, 2008

a dose of me time

before leaving for our holidays in Manila this coming Friday early morning, i managed to squeeze in some time for myself earlier. i went to the office to pick up my laptop and fixed my desk to see if there's anything important that i missed. i stowed away my notebook and cleared my table, hoping that when i come back next year, it will be not so cluttered from all the mails that will be coming in for me.  

after a quick dash at the 14th floor, i went to the B1 level to make it to my salon appointment at 8:00 am. i had my hair's oil bath and went for a mani-pedi, too. it was all done in an hour so i had breakfast first at Testa Rossa to kill time. i needed to go to the Emirates Towers Boulevard to have my watch adjusted, but they won't open 'till 10:00 am. i just took advantage of the moment to read a few magazines and enjoy my breakfast leisurely. at 10 to 10, i made my way across the building.  

the adjustment of my watch didn't take that long - i guess only about 5 minutes. near the exit, i passed by Coach, and decided to check what's new - with no intention of buying anything. but when i saw the silk scarf that was similar to the one i lost recently, i decided to purchase it right there and then. let's just say it's a souvenir from my first paid gig as a photographer (wow, i'm starting to love the sound of it!).  

here's the Christmas packaging of Coach, which i love:

and my new (and definitely last) scarf for my black hobo bag:

i swear, i'm really gonna secure it with a pin this time! i bought it for a full price as opposed to the first two scarves i got, which were on sale at 50% off, so this should last me long.  

after that impulse buy, i went home by cab and did some last minute packing. in a little while, i should be preparing dinner for me & the husband. the weather is gloomy today and it's been raining since morning, but i love it! the bed is so enticing i just wanna curl up and read a book 'till i fall asleep. 


Faye said...

very nice scarf :)

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

hi gracie,

really nice scarf ha! makes me think of buying one too! haven't bought scarf yet in my entire life! hahaha..di ako marunong gumamit eh. kahit accent style sa bag, di ako marunong mag-tie scarf!pathetic noh?! bwahahaha! :)

enjoy your xmas here in manila!

Gracie said...

thanks, Faye! i love it a lot! better than my last two scarves. sulit pa rin!

Gracie said...

hi jacqui,
thanks! sana lang wag ko na mawala this time. tinuruan ako on how to tie it sa bag. and yes, i will need to put a pin on it para di na mawala.