Saturday, November 1, 2008

the Zuma experience

i had the pleasure of trying out Zuma, our centre's latest gastronomic offering. hailing from Knightsbridge in London, this contemporary Japanese restaurant opened its Dubai branch a few weeks ago at the DIFC's Gate Village, much to our delight. our last Key Office Meeting was held at this classy restaurant where we were treated to a showcase of spectacular dishes that are to die for. one of which is their succulent Wagyu No Sumibiyaki. it was the tastiest beef i've ever tried!

i wish to take Ryan to Zuma as Japanese is his favorite cuisine. it may bear a hole on my pocket with the resto’s skyrocketing prices, but what the heck! with or without occasion, i am going to bring him there for a treat. i’m sure he’s gonna love it!


chung said...

hay, we should really check out DIFC. is this near your office? dame bang restos?

we also love japanese food! diba i was on the look out for sukiyaki? may sukiyaki ba sa zuma? the jap resto in crown plaza wasn't so good. masarap yun sa sheraton creek! i'm hungry now and craving for katsudon!!! waaah!

Gracie said...

Chung, you should check out the popular Jap restos here like Bentoya in Shiekh Zayed Road and Kiku in Le Meridien (always voted the best by Time Out Magazine). if you are free this weekend, we’ll take you to Bentoya which is nearer to your place. we know it’s good ‘cos madaming Japanese ang kumakain dun (and their food is really yum).
i’d be happy to tour you around our centre. dami nang restos dito. check this out:

chung said...

we've been planning to eat at kiku for the longest time since harvs has a starwood discount card. but we always end up staying at home kasi kakatamad ang byahe going to the airport!

by the way, a friend of mine is staying over sa house until harvs arrives so i don't know if puede ako this weekend! kakahiya if i have to drag him pa with me :)

thanks again and see you next time!

Shelly said...

What's their prices like, Gracie? Are they on par with Kiku, Benihana & Creekside pricewise? Magkano kaya yung sa Nobu noh?

Gracie said...

hi shelly,
prices at Zuma are more expensive than Kiku, although Kiku kasi is a traditional Jap resto, unlike Zuma may contemporary twist. Benihana kasi is an international Jap resto chain (which others find so-so lang) so it's not exactly as high end as that of Zuma. haven't tried the Creekside yet so i can't compare. i guess Nobu is something to watch out for.
Zuma is a lovely resto. you should try it. it has it's huge sake bar next to the lounge area :) i suggest you reserve days in advance to get a table. oh, and there's a dress code, too.