Monday, November 24, 2008

that tweed plaid dress

this is me in Hong Kong 23 years ago:

January 1985 at the Ocean Park on a nippy morning, barely 7 years old.

this is my niece, Ysha taken a few days ago…wearing the same dress. she is only 3 ½ years old. my gawd! either i was a midget when i was a child, or that kids are just mutants nowadays.

(sorry for my lomo pic – you can’t see much of our resemblance)

it’s so sweet of my Mom to send me my niece’s picture all dressed up with my old plaid dress. brings back fond memories and gives me happy thoughts, too :)


AEC said...

ang cute naman ng outfit mo. at 7, you were already the fashionista! :)

Kelly said...

that was Your dress pa?!

Gracie said...

hi mandy,
naku, i hated that dress when i was little! pero for some reasonm marami akong pics na suot yan. and the oldies liked it. they always say nice yung dress, blah blah blah. now that i'm older, aba, maganda nga yung dress. hehe!

Gracie said...

hi kelly,
yep, dress ko pa yan. ang galing ng Mom ko, no? naitabi nya pa talaga. and it still looks brand new. alaga ng Woolite yan eh.

andrea said...

how time flies, dati nung nakita ko ung niece mu sa wedding mu, umiiyak iyak pa sya, ngaun namodel na nya ung damit mu... hahaaha... mas ikaw ata kaysa kay marianne ah :)