Tuesday, November 25, 2008

tapsilog forever

everyday is a tapsilog day - thanks to Chowking’s Tapsilog Meal!

whenever we dine at Chowking in the morning, it feels like we’re brought back to Manila because all we see are fellow Pinoys in the resto, too (well, except for one busboy who’s an Indian, and the guard who looks Bengali to me). the crew also plays OPM music, so it gives the place a nostalgic feel to it. recently, they’ve been playing Christmas songs that warm our hearts and make us wish the days would pass by so swiftly so we could finally be home. to be honest, it is the only place in Dubai where i actually feel the holiday spirit.

aahh, just a little more time…

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Ozzy's Mom said...

hehehe sarap ng tapsilog!!! hihihi
for u gracie:http://www.ozzysmom.com/2008/11/lovely-award.html