Wednesday, November 19, 2008

smack in the middle of nowhere

last weekend was one of the best Ryan & i had for a very long time! we finally used my prize and traipsed to Jumeirah Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa to spend some quality time together. after my training last Thursday, dear hubby picked me up a little before 6:00 pm, and headed straight to the hotel resort. after more than 45 kilometers drive away from the city, we reached this beautiful oasis that welcomed us delightfully.

i couldn’t believe what i saw! the place was amazing i was totally bowled over! it was definitely worth the drive! *two thumbs up*

our room has this quaint charm:

with dandy slippers provided, too.

i loved the bathroom the most because of its rustic feel!

and food was just superb! during our first night, we had dinner at their lovely Italian restaurant, Pizzeria Le Dune. we wanted to try their famous Al Hadheerah Restaurant but when i called the night before to book two slots for us, i was told that the restaurant was closed owing to an event. it was such a shame we weren’t able to book ahead of time because the restaurant was apparently open to public albeit limited seats only. the event was a showdown of the celebrity chefs of Jumeirah chain of hotels. it would’ve been a wonderful banqueting experience being served food by those Michelin star chefs.

anyway, Pizzeria Le Dune did a lovely job at feeding us hungry souls that night. we were so famished we gobbled down our Pizza Capricciosa and a bowl of seafood pasta in no time!

we were booked for two nights at Bab Al Shams, and during our lazy stay, these are the things we did:

- enjoyed buffet breakfast al fresco style at Al Forsan Restaurant

- had some dose of Vitamin D at the sun lounges

- took a dip in the pool (the tabachina me)

- enjoyed an alternative rainshower experience

- had drinks & shisha at the Al Sarab Lounge (their mojitos are the best!)

- read at our own leisure

- watched TV (we were hooked to Animal Planet)

- slept to our heart's content

- surfed the net & downloaded our favorite series (internet was really fast!)

- strolled around the property & took pictures

Ryan tried to convince me to sample their Satori Spa’s treatment menu because he knew how excited i was about their renowned service. but i decided against the idea when i saw how steep the prices were. i told him i can wait till we fly to Manila since the price i’m gonna pay in Bab Al Shams is enough for me to get at least 3 packages back home.

since we checked-in late last Thursday and attended a barbecue on Friday afternoon, we were not able to go see the horses and camels which were scheduled for guests from 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm. we also missed out on the archery opportunity, much to my dismay as i was hoping to polish my skills (naks, parang ang galing, 'no?). i only learnt that there were morning sessions when we got back to the city. sayang!

at the barbecue

to compensate, we just decided to take more souvenir photos before checking out.

our weekend was such fun it actually hurt going back to the city and face reality! *sigh!*

how i wish we could do this again soon.


jody said...

Wow, ang sarap ng bakasyon ah! Ganda ng place ah. And it looks expensive!

flowerdrumsong said...

WOW!!!! I like the resort!!!! :) Beautiful!!!! :)

cheche said...

wow! simply stunning!

Gracie said...

hi jody - ay grabe, ang sarap talaga! parang ang layo-layo ng mga worries namin when we were there. so calm & peaceful. yep, it was expensive there. a night's stay is a bit more than $400. buti na lang libre kami :)

Gracie said...

hi weng, it's really beautiful in there. lam mo ba na favorite get-away din sya ng mga Harley bikers. they go there on Fri mornings for breakfast. peaceful kasi & very relaxing.

Gracie said...

hi che, Bab Al Shams is one of the really nice places to visit in Dubai. you'll like it there. andaming photo opps. it's family friendly, too so kahit kasama si baby, ok syang puntahan.

Tinggay said...

grabe ang ganda! ang dami niyo nang napuntahang mga magagandang places. if we ever go pala to that region of the world, ikaw ang tatanungin ko for recommendations on places to visit hehehe! :) mukhang nag enjoy kayo nang husto a :)

Gracie said...

hi nikki,
thanks! we really enjoyed our time there & i'm so thankful we went for free :) we're just making the most out of our free time habang wala pang baby. there's really a lot to see in this region...di lang popular as Europe or the US. just let me know if you guys plan to see this part of the world & i'll be happy to help.

kelly said...

the place is sooo pretty! it looks like one of those resorts you only see in magazines. i bet it's lovelier irl.

love the photo of your mono speedy w/ the t&b pochette. talagang todo ka pang naka-pose! haha.

jade said...

grabe! pang lifestyle of the rich and famous! ang ganda! sarap naman.

Gracie said...

hi kelly,
yes, our pictures didn't do justice to the place. sobrang ganda nya talaga irl!
naku yung picture na yan pinag-pose lang ako ng aking mahal na asawa. sabi ko kasi dapat may picture kami ng bag ko :)