Sunday, November 23, 2008

shower to shower

winter has finally come to sunny Dubai. you can imagine how each morning is a struggle for me to wake up, more so jump in the shower for a bath. i’m the type who easily feels cold so i need to keep our heater switched on for my bath. although we have flowing heated water in our shower stalls, an upgrade wouldn’t be such a bad idea. i mean., taking a bath is something we do on a daily basis, and sometimes we do it twice even in one day. a bit of luxury would really be nice for that holistic shower experience.

personally, i would love to have our own
steam showers, just like the ones they have at the fitness club we go to. it’s so relaxing i could stay in there for hours, if not for the wrinkled look i’d get afterwards. it is always a delight stepping out feeling rejuvenated after a good bath, and i hope i could do that in my own home, too. oh, if only i could afford to have one installed in our bathroom at home! that would be really lovely, don’t you think?

anything about bath really excites me, so yes, you guessed it right - i already started scouting for some nice shower equipment prices online today. i went and surfed at because i heard they have a good range of all shower-related products that i can look at. more importantly, they have some inexpensive collection, too, which are also of good design and quality. i just hope i could find something that will fit in our budget. the collections they have are so appealing that i’m seriously contemplating on talking to the husband to check if we can allocate a portion of our savings to revamp our bathroom. i’m crossing my fingers that he agrees because they currently have a clearance sale, and i don’t know how long i can hold to control myself from impulsively buying something. blame it on the easy payment option they have. i can just drop my credit card details and purchase is instantly made! safe and efficient, too.

if we cannot afford the stalls, then perhaps we can start with the
shower columns first. for as long as we could find something nice to update our bath, i’d be the happiest home maker on earth! i will be more inspired to clean the bathroom and may just do it more than twice a week. i’m sure the husband will like that.

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