Friday, November 28, 2008

run, Gracie, run!

i haven’t gone to the gym in weeks. apart from feeling lazy to attend classes and work out on my own, my real excuse is that my favorite pair of running shoes called it quits on me. i loved that pair so much because it had my favorite color splashed on it, and it was so comfortable! i’ve searched high and low for a replacement, but couldn’t find the right pair. you see, apart from the nice design that i look for in any pair of shoes, the ultimate decisive factor to consider my shoe find as “the perfect one” is comfort.

my bestfriend, who is very much into running, advised me to make a research on the right shoes to match my feet’s needs. i didn’t realize that i also need to check on other aspects such as foot types and the best shoe type for each. she also suggested that i check out other running items that i can use to motivate me to run properly and enjoy the exercise. good that she told me because i’d also need to consider buying from a shop that has a lot of options i could choose from. now i’m thinking of buying not just the running shoes, but also a
heart rate monitor and a few good pairs of running socks, too, for added comfort.

gee, i can’t wait to get that right
cushioned running shoes for me! wish me luck!

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