Saturday, November 22, 2008

pimp my blog

it is quite obvious that my favorite color of all is pink. well, what can i say - it’s just too girly i can’t resist its charm. and that explains why my blog’s color is of such hue. sweet, isn’t it?

while i’m happy with my blog’s design, i’m on the lookout though for other free backgrounds with shades of pink, or perhaps backgrounds with textures or designs that have my favorite color. i’m leaning towards the abstract designs because they look clean but funky to me. i might check out Backgroundlabs since it has a good range of nice backgrounds to choose from. i like browsing through their categories because the designs are quite attractive. not overly flamboyant or anything. simple just the way i like it.

since it's already late, i'll hit the sack now and postpone prettifying my blog to tomorrow. goodnight everyone! pleasant dreams.

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