Wednesday, November 5, 2008

never walk away

during lunch yesterday, i had a serious conversation with a few of my girl friends at work. one of them shared with us her current emotional downhill ride, and i sincerely felt sorry for her. despite that smiling fa├žade that she has, i imagine she must be in a lot of pain right now.

if there’s one thing in life that i cannot completely fathom, it’s the idea of two people deeply in love with each other parting ways in a snap of a finger, with both ending up miserable in the long run. that is just heartbreaking! i’ve always believed that no matter how difficult or challenging a situation is, your love for each other should always be an inspiration to find ways to make things work, especially when you’ve shared so much in all those years you’ve been together. easier said than done, i know, but personally, i can say with full conviction that a good serving of sacrifice, more often than not, goes a long way. how do you think successful relationships get past their hurdles? sacrifices made usually earn their merits, at times later than you expect. patience is the key, i suppose. call me idealistic, but i guess i’m just like that. i can speak from experience because i’ve been through the same road once in my life. and i agree - it was never easy.

looking back, i am happy i’ve made the right choice of sticking it with the one i love. being apart for almost a year with him wasn’t exactly a smooth ride. i am not made for long distance relationships, but i managed to endure all those months. it was agonizing for me, but i presume it was worse for Ryan. it’s true what they say about people leaving. while it’s easier for them because they have something new to look forward to, it is always harder for the person who’s left behind because unlike the person who’s moved to migrate, there’s nothing exciting to look forward to – only an abyss that needs to be filled.

i am simply blessed that my greatest love had decided to follow me wherever i go. and if i am asked to do the same for him, i will say yes without skipping a beat. we’ve made a pact that neither of us will walk away…for we both believe that in doing so will end the most beautiful thing we’ve ever had.


Mich said...

well said Gracie! I completely agree with you :)

AEC said...

i agree! if regular relationships take hard work, moreso long distance ones. you're lucky with your man, and he's lucky to have you. kaya naman talaga hindi nya pinalampas isang taon hiwalay kayo. hiihihi.

Gracie said...

hi mich,
thanks! guess i couldn't stop myself from sharing my two cents worth :)

Gracie said...

hi mandy,
naku, so true! kaya nga on he 6th month of being apart, naisipan na rin nyang ayain na ko. buti na lang! ;-)

Joanne MV said...

Nice entry Gracie! Ganyan din kami ni hubby, we made a pact whoever which one of us decided to work abroad, susunod yung isa. Di pwedeng may maiwan.

In short, PACKAGE DEAL kami =P

Jody said...

I love your post. I love what you wrote. I totally agree with you! Marriage = working hard to be together. Its a work in progress. And shouldn't be given up with just a blink of a finger. Its a different level of love. And you have to grow TOGETHER as husband and wife so being with each other all the time is very important. I salute those who can work the relationship even if they are apart but I'm sure it is douby hard work. Sabi ko nga, di bale na maghirap kami dito sa pinas basta magkasama kami. If one plans to leave, the whole family leaves. Ang hirap ng magkahiwalay. Di ko kaya yun! As in, i will die! Over pero true!

Gracie said...

hi joanne,
correct, sis! ang hirap nang magkahiwalay, di ba?

Gracie said...

thanks, jody! same here. i can’t imagine my life being apart from my husband. i’ve come from a family where my Dad has to work abroad almost all our lives, and it was really difficult. we’ve all worked so hard to keep our family intact, and praise God everything is going well for us all. i don’t want that ever to happen to me and the family i’m building kaya i understand where you’re coming from.