Wednesday, November 12, 2008


sorry about that, dear friends. i know i haven't updated this blog for the past few days. i've just been very busy lately. things are up to my neck, and i feel like i'm drowning already. this is just a quick hello to you all to let you know i'm still alive!

i'm currently undergoing a 3-day off-site training and will be back to work on Sunday. i'm enjoying the sessions so far. i'm the only girl in the group so i'm treated like a princess :) the only thing i'm not too keen about is that we have homeworks to do. by the time i get home in the evening, i'm already exhausted that i have difficulty focusing on the tasks i need to fulfill. anyway, tomorrow's the last day and i'm already excited with the weekend Ryan and i are going to spend outside the city. remember the voucher i got a few months back? yep, we're using that this weekend, and we're so excited!

so off i go now to get back to packing and finishing my assignments. catch up with you again very soon. the hotel promised complimentary wifi connection so i'm bringing Amanda and keep you posted. i promise to share our weekend pictures :)

'till then, take care y'all!

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jody said...

Hope you had a grand weekend! Share photos!