Friday, November 21, 2008

i’m a convert

since i started putting on weight, i have deferred buying jeans because i was so afraid of how i’d look in them. i’m not exactly the same pea sized girl i used to be, and just thinking about wearing jeans again scares me to bits. i couldn’t admit this to the husband who’s been pressuring me for the longest time to get a couple of new pairs to use during weekends.

however, one Thursday evening at the mall, i found myself trying on a few pairs because Ryan’s favorite jeans store is on sale. and to my surprise, i found two styles that fit me perfectly well – the Lola Straight & the Sundown Jeans. they create an illusion that my hips are bigger (my body shape is an inverted triangle) and my legs a little slimmer. what made me more ecstatic was the great price slash on my choices. the Lola Straight was originally priced at AED 599 (USD 163) and the Sundown Jeans at AED 549 (USD 150), but i got each pair for only AED 99 (USD 27). what a steal indeed! i must thank my husband for converting me into a Lucky Brand Jeans fan. the fit is snug and comfy, much to my delight. i should’ve heeded his advise earlier! their jeans could’ve spared me from all my worries for months now.

as they say, finding a perfect pair of jeans is like stumbling upon a four leaf clover. once they’re in your hands, you should never let them go. i hope these pairs bring me luck, too! :)

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