Thursday, November 27, 2008

going entrepreneur

the husband and i are planning to start up a small business back home, but we are still trying to think of what business is suitable for us to manage. we do not have any business management background, so we thought of researching on the best educational institution to enroll in so that we can prepare ourselves. we came upon Nouveau University, which we believe is a good niche for us to learn the ropes of establishing our own business and running it well.

being currently led by one of the premier leaders in the academic excellence in the US, we are certain that
Nouveau University can hone us into competent business people. i may take up a course on Business Management as a second degree and understand the basics of setting up a business. it will definitely help me become confident with what i’ll do because i will be capacitated with the appropriate tools to manage a small business that i can also administer to grow.

meanwhile, Ryan can focus more on a specific field that he may be interested in and apply what he knows to the business. we also found out that
Nouveau University has acquired a new institute which focuses on the construction technology. maybe Ryan could switch industries and get a new degree, too. from thereon, we can design and roll out a business plan for our dream entrepreneurship.

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