Saturday, November 29, 2008

dead tired

i am so exhausted all i wanna do is just sleep. this weekend was really great & we got to meet a lot of friends we haven't seen in ages. but i guess all the fun i had is taking its toll on me now. my throat hurts like hell & any moment now my colds are sure to break out. haaay! my curse before traveling!!

and as if that's not enough, yesterday, i chipped my molar while eating pork sisig. i went to see my dentist this afternoon for a filling, and because i was so tired, i dozed off while sitting on the dental chair...with my mouth wide open. no kidding! i felt myself falling into deep sleep that i had to wake myself up. i hope the doc didn't notice that.

pics of our escapades this weekend will be posted sometime during the 2-day holiday owing to UAE National Day. for now, i'm just gonna catch up on some much needed rest 'cos i still have a long week ahead.

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