Wednesday, November 26, 2008

building a dream hospital

i have a brilliant friend who is a devoted doctor back home, and is always active in participating in medical missions. he is very much into caring for the needy, and finds immense fulfillment in providing medical aid to those less fortunate people, especially in the rural areas.

one of his dreams is to be able to hub in his grandfather’s hometown, which he deems is in dire need of medical attention the most, and set up his very own hospital, which he will name after his grandfather. he envisions a small hospital where he may be able to extend a helping hand to the disadvantaged people and allow them to have the benefit of affordable medical treatments. he is currently sorting out ways and means to make this dream a reality.

as my friend’s father is also a doctor, you can imagine how proud he is of his son’s aspirations. in fact, to show support and encouragement, he is also sorting out ways to help him, too. his primary move to assist him is to find a place to set up his son’s own hospital, and fortunately, he managed to find one. since my friend’s father is dealing now with all the formalities involved in building a hospital, all he needs to do is start scouting for medical staff to have on board, as well as find some reasonably priced
used medical equipment that they can operate in the hospital. he has a long list of equipment that he needs: a defibrillator, a patient monitor, a blood analyzer, an ultrasound equipment, a few anesthesia machines, a number of electrosurgical units, and some power tables and chairs, just to name a few. he would also need to stock up on some medical supplies that has to be ordered as early as now.

he is concerned though that he might need to shell out a lot of money for all of these, but i suggested that he should check out some refurbished medical machines and other
medical products online, where he can get a huge chunk of savings. it wouldn’t hurt to check out some items that are on the clearance sale category, too, because that would mean more savings for him.

i can see that he is very much into this project that he barely has time to stop and rest. i advised him to try and slow down a bit as he might suffer a nervous breakdown or something. with all the stress he’s experiencing, he might just end up using the
EKG machines he initially ordered. now that would be an ironic picture!

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