Monday, November 17, 2008

barbecue time

the weather has been great the last couple of weeks. the air is cooler and the surroundings appear less dustier than usual. that’s mainly because the winter months have come! what a perfect time to go outside and inhale some fresh air!

last Friday, hubby’s company hosted a barbecue a few kilometers away from where we spent our weekend get-away. to savor the lovely weather, we decided to attend and join his colleagues for a fun evening. these cooler months do not last long so we decided to take advantage of it.

being outdoors can let you take pleasure on a lot of activities. aside from enjoying the sand dunes and roasting your marshmallows on the bonfire, you can also have fun preparing your food with the variety of grills available. it was so much fun watching people tinker with the gas-fueled and charcoal grills! good thing the grills brought were cart-types. at least they were very stable so there was no need to worry about them toppling over, especially for those new users like me :)

‘twas a fun gathering, and we sure were glad we came. we can't wait for the next barbecue invite to come our way!

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