Sunday, October 5, 2008

rock on

i promised the husband that i'd be treating him for a nice brunch last Friday. and my choice of venue for our gastronomical experience was the Hard Rock Cafe.

hubby's been here for two years, but he's never stepped foot on this most awesome rock cafe's branch in Dubai. it was fairly easy to coax him...i simply guaranteed him yummy food and he easily gave in. *wink*

it was also a chance for me to test drive my All Access Card which i availed from San Diego last May. since i'm a "hardrocker", we got a good table at the 2nd floor which gave us a nice view of the entire place. and while waiting for our orders, a friendly clown (who happens to be Pinoy) came by our spot and made me a big bouquet of flowers out of balloons. sweet. to satisfy our hunger, we had Hickory Smoked Chicken Wings for appetizer and Grilled Rib Eye Steak and New York Strip Steak for our mains, which we gobbled down quite easily. yeah, we're meat lovers - what can i say? :) for drinks, we had Berrilicious and Margarita Sunrise. for an additional AED 20 each, we also took home the hurricane and margarita glasses from our drinks as souvenirs. plus on top of the great service we got, we also had 10% discount on food and beverage. that's rock star treatment for you!

clowning around


his tender

my juicy

hungry hippos

of course we didn't leave the cafe without passing by their merchandise section. you see, whenever i travel, i always make it a point to swing by a Hard Rock branch and grab some souvenirs for myself and Ryan. a shirt is a must for the husband, sometimes topped with a cap, while i buy shirts, too and HRC pins for myself. yes, those pins you see on the servers' shirts & sash. i've begun collecting them just this year, and i'm keeping them pinned on my free All Access rucksack. we ended up getting 2 shirts for Ryan and a Dubai guitar pin for me. i also bought a Pinktober shirt with pin in support of the Breast Cancer Awareness program they have where a portion of the proceeds for such items will go directly to breast cancer research. as the Pinay cashier was so fond of us, she even gave me an additional pin for free to add to my collection. see, it really pays to be nice & chatty! :)

next up: Hard Rock Makati!


AEC said...

the hubby & i are meat lovers too! kaya i'll never become a vegetarian talaga! lol.

Gracie said...

hi mandy,
kami rin...impossible! LOL!

walkonred said...

aw! ang sarap gracie! :D talaga, you get to home the glasses? how nicey!

Gracie said...

yup, we brought home the glasses :) and they even came with boxes.

orangecious said...

that pink pin is sooo cute :) purchase for a cause pa :)