Tuesday, October 21, 2008

part-time job

this is what i usually do during kiddie parties or any gatherings with kids.

yep, like
Weng, i am a part-time facepainter. well, not exactly a professional one, but i guess i’m good enough to pass the little kids’ standards.

here are a few snaps at Klyde’s birthday bash with a couple of my customers:

a flower for a lovely girl

don't cry hunny...this won't hurt

sorry i don’t have better pictures that clearly showcase the drawings. these are both candid snapshots which i just nicked from a friend’s site who was also at the party.

i’m thinking of buying my own set of face paint so that i can practice more & try new drawings that i know kids would love. problem is, who do i use as my guinea pig??


chung said...

syempre, who else to practice with but ryan?! :) i'm sure he'll agree! haha!

Kelly said...

gracie, ang galeng kumuha ng pic ng photographer mo! walang nakitang miski isang na-face paint mo! hahaha!

Gracie said...

@ chung - depende siguro kung anong idra-draw ko...LOL!

@ kelly - oo nga eh, pansin ko rin. hanap pa ko ng ibang facepainting gigs ko para may proof ako ng works ko..haha! :)

Weng said...

alam mo, may gusto din akong bilhing face painting set sa target. yung may samples na! hee hee. icareer daw ba! hahaha! :P practice even on a piece of paper. tapos pagsama-samahin mo yung designs mo in one sheet of paper para papipiliin mo na lang ang mga kids next time. yan ang balak ko para di na magrerequest ng di ko kaya. haha! :D

Gracie said...

@ weng - good idea yan ah! magawa nga next time. i’ve yet to buy more face painting packs para mas maraming colors to choose from. it’s all with the brush din, ano? haha, career na nga ‘to! :)