Monday, October 27, 2008


do you also get that feeling when you have so much in your mind that you want to blog but just couldn't find the time to do so?

haayyy, this is one of those moments for me. i am itching to type away and narrate 'cos i currently have a lot to share - with things worth ranting and raving about - and yet i couldn't even fit a post to help me get me back on track.

oh well, what to do. maybe tomorrow things will be a bit better. if you find something new here, it means i must've squeezed in some time between work (read: lunch break) to come up with an updated post. if not, then try and come back the day after tomorrow. i promise, by then i've already made a decent post ;-)

thanks for swinging by! :)


Kelly said...

naku, lagi akong ganyan! i'm such a lousy writer kasi. i can't organize my thoughts and narrate whatever i have in mind into cohesive paragraphs! it would take a whole lot of inspiration pa before i get to write a long narrative! kaya binabawi ko na lang sa pictures, obvious ba? haha!

Gracie said...

same here. siguro likas na madaldal lang ako kaya marami akong nasusulat for the sake of just sharing what i have in mind. i’m more pressured pa ‘cos this blog is my own way of updating my families & friends back home of what’s happening to us here in DXB. sometimes tinatamaan din ako ng katamaran!