Thursday, October 2, 2008

our Eid Al Fitr holiday

a bright sunny day is quite common here in the UAE. everyday is like summer where the skies are blue and almost cloudless. and today is one of those days where waking up late to the smell of crispy pork bacon and scrambled eggs, plus a soothing back rub by hubby starts my day right. it was also a surprise to find a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice especially prepared for me. how sweet! :)

i've been off from work since Monday owing to the Eid Al Fitr holiday. lucky for me who works for a government firm, i got 4 days off, compared to the private sector which only had 2 days off and depended on the sighting of the moon. much to my relief, hubby's employer gave them 3 days holiday so we spent most of the looonngg weekend together.

so, what have we been up to the last 3 days, you ask? all of our time were spent heavily on cleaning the apartment. yup, that boring! but we're both happy 'cos we've accomplished much. we've finished three sections of the house, and we only have a room left to do. i could say that almost every nook and cranny has been dusted off, scrubbed, vacuumed and mopped to our delight.

of course we didn't just spend our time decluttering and working our bums off. we also had our time share of entertainment. the other night, we visited my bessie and played wii to our heart's content. i love wii fit! i must start saving for that console for Christmas as a gift to myself! must beat bessie's record in the super hula hoop!! :D

plans for today remain unchanged. we're touching up on cleaning & disinfecting the kitchen. a little more rearranging and we're almost done. then tonight, we'll head off to Emtee's birthday bash. we heard she's serving sushi for appetizers! mmmm, yum yum!

we'll leave all the mall hopping activities for tomorrow. we're to attend another birthday party, a kiddie one this time, at Fun City. i also plan on having a nice brunch tomorrow to treat the husband who's been such a good sport since the holidays started. meanwhile, Saturday is saved for a picnic with Gracita & Harvey and their friends, which we hope would push through. if it pushes through tomorrow, then we switch the activities (well, except for the party).

our holiday isn't as eventful as the last Eids we spent here in the UAE. but it gave us a chance to do much at home. that and we also saved on gas :)


orangecious said...

Hi Gracie,

Sweet talaga ng hubby mo :)

I luv Wii Fit as well - good option for the days na nakakatamad pumunta ng gym :) But our apartment is on the 3rd floor so di daw pede :(

Gracie said...

thanks orangecious! naku, once in a blue moon lang ang sweetness na yan! :)

bakit di naman pwede wii fit sa apartment nyo? i don't think it will cause a lot of loud thud on on the floor. sayang naman! kami nga we're considering na i-cancel na ang membership sa gym & mag-wii fit na lang eh.