Monday, October 20, 2008

my new pink thing

other than my blog’s layout, which coincidentally is in tune with this month's Breast Cancer Awareness month, i have something else that’s new and pink. it’s one of my favorite gameboard of all time, and it's officially our home’s 3rd Monopoly set. it’s pink, it’s savvy-looking and i’m lovin’ it!

presenting my Monopoly gameboard Boutique Edition:

the package

just like any other limited edition Monopoly board, all game pieces were spruced up to keep up with the theme. since it's designed with fab girls in mind, even the dice that decide your fate are both in pink. instead of picking out Chance and Community Chest cards, you get to
'receive' Instant Message and Text Message cards. properties are different from the original game, too. they have shops & stores available where you can add pink & purple translucent boutiques & malls instead of green houses & red hotels. even the title deeds are changed from boring to hip cards - all pink, pink, pink! and the whole set comes with a pretty carry case - perfect for a banker where a flocked tray for the monies is available for ease of use. oh, and did i mention that redesigned money is also very cute?

posh lookin’ case

pink dice

funky playing tokens: a skateboard, hairdryer, pooch, soccerball,
sunglasses, flip flop, handbag & a flip top mobile phone

the message cards & play money

the purple boutiques & pink malls

the femininely-revamped board game

last Saturday afternoon, i forced the hubby to play with me, and as usual, he went bankrupt while i went crazy with shopping but earned from my investments. LOL! it was so much fun! :)


Big Eyed Gal said...

I love the tokens! They're so cute!!! :)

Shelly said...

Huwaw! Such an eye candy. They're just as cute as you Gracie :)

Maeyo said...

Soooo KIKAY!!!!

Gracie said...

hello girls,
thanks for the comments! yup, super pretty talaga ang set. gusto ko lang sya tignan ngayon para 'di maluma agad. LOL! kikay na kikay talaga :)

cheche said...

wow! so chika. feel na feel talga ang pag spend =)

Jean Marie said...

OMG! I love that game! Pati sa cellphone ko nga i downloaded 2 games of it eh. Where did u get ur Limited edition game board? How much?

Kelly said...

these are sooo cute!

Gracie said...

@ che - exactly! designed for shopaholics talaga sya :)

2 jean marie - i got it from Toys R' Us. it's an exclusive from their store, i believe.

Vannie said...

first off - love the new layout...:) second, ang cute ng dice!!!!! ehehehe

Gracie said...

vannie - kakatuwa talaga yung mga pieces. sarap talaga titigan lang :)

julliefer said...

just for kikays! :))