Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hong Kong, here we come

last week, i finally got a nod from my Dad to book our flights on the 2nd week of December for our Hong Kong family trip. for a while, i feared that the plans to travel altogether might not push through because Dad hasn’t received his leave approval yet. but now that he’s officially free to go on vacation for the Christmas holidays, i am back on track with all the trip planning.

my parents left all the travel arrangements to me, from booking the flights down to organizing our leisure activities. i thought i was ready for a new challenge, but i just realized that planning a trip for 6 adults plus 1 child is not a joke! add the fact that everything is done from scratch. the last time i’ve been to Hong Kong was when i was 7, and after more than 20 years, i’m sure things have changed quite a lot. i had to check on Hong Kong Tourism Board’s website ( to see what new attractions we can visit to help me plot our itinerary.

for this trip, i decided not to approach a travel agency. i realized that if you want to make our own itinerary, stay at your hotel of choice, and explore the city at your own pace, you need to work independently. the only setback though is that you have to do your own research of flights and hotel availabilities. thankfully, there’s the internet for me to count on, so i’ve manage to work on our flights in a breeze. all throughout these preparations, i’ve heavily relied on online bookings, and it was actually a wise decision because i managed to snag a great deal on our airline tickets by purchasing them via PAL’s website ( that’s just one of the perks of booking things online. imagine no queuing and no holding on the phone just to speak with an agent! it’s so convenient!

now all i need to do is finalize the bookings of our accommodations. since we plan on staying at Hong Kong island, i thought of trimming down our choices to either Excelsior Hotel or The Charterhouse because of their great views of the harbour. i’ve searched through to check on the rates and availabilities, and i’m quite pleased both properties came up on my search. and the site's pretty straightforward to navigate, too.

December can be a very busy season so it’s really good to plan ahead of time. now that everything’s in place, i guess we’re practically good to go.


julliefer said...

ey gracie! kelan kayo hk? punta kami (me, donar and djuan) on dec 12-15. :)

Gracie said...

hi pheng! naku, di tayo magpapang-abot! 8-11 dec kami eh :)

mm said...

hi gracie i hope u can buy ur tory burch, dya want to exchange link?=)

Gracie said...

sure, mm! thanks for swinging by :)

jody said...

Hello Gracie! I'm sure you will enjoy HK. It is my royal retreat! Parang I will never get tired to go there. I was telling Dicky, ok akong magretire dun! Bwahahaha, sabi nya, mauubos daw retirement pay nya pag nagkataon! Hehehe.

Anyway, haller me lang if you have questions...kabisado ko na ata ang train stations dun! Hahaha.

Tip: If you want to try Airport Express Train from the airport to the city, may big discount if you are travelling in groups. Say 6pax kayo, mga 50 HK dollars na lang siguro yan for a one way. Pero consider rin nyo if you have big luggages, medyo mahirap lang. Mahal din kasi taxi pero if you have transfers, ok din para sa hotel na mismo kayo baba, di mahirap sa luggage.

Don't forget to go to Tung Chung outlets ha.

Weng said...

uy, enjoy and savor the time you'll spend with your family ha! mmwah!

Gracie said...

thanks for the tips, Jody! PM kita 'pag may questions pa 'ko :) puntahan ko 'yang Tung Chung outlet mall na 'yan. pero wish ko lang makapag-pigil akong mag-shopping ng sangkaterba. isipin ko na lang na mahihirapan akong bitbitin ang shopping finds ko from HKG, then to MNL, and then to DXB...LOL!

Gracie said...

hi weng,
thanks! i really hope to enjoy this much-awaited trip. can't wait na nga eh! :)