Wednesday, October 8, 2008

greatest achievement in life

i just have to blog about this. and no, i’m not gonna talk about mine. this is all about what i discovered from my readings this afternoon.

i was doing some research, flipping through the pages of Bermuda: Re - September issue when an interesting article caught my fancy. it was a feature on separate interviews with the Bermuda movers and shakers in the insurance & reinsurance industry. the respondents ranged from Chairmen to Executive Vice Presidents - all ‘C’ levels. they were asked the same set of questions so i thought of comparing their replies. the catchiest question was the last one (as always), and it goes like: “What is your greatest achievement in your personal life?”

13 top executives were asked. 12 gave one akin answer.

and what was it?

"marrying the woman i love and building a family with her"

aaawwww!! ain’t that sweet? i never thought men with such power would ever declare that openly. it’s either their PR side are the ones talking because it sounds like the right thing to say, or that they are quite proud of what they have. i just think it’s a very wonderful thing to admit. an exquisite homage to the great woman behind the successful man.


andrea said...

haynaku grace, kakainis talaga.. pero wala naman akong magawa. i actually have a back up plan in any case hindi pa namin makuha within next week. Imagine sinabi na nga namin na Oct 15 ang kasal namin para mapaexpedite lang lahat. hay naku!

well, sabi nila, we could get for the meantime a certified true copy of our birth certificates sa cityhall then have it authenticated or may term sa tagalog, nakalimutan ko tuloy.

grabeh, no wonder baket ang dameng naglilive-in or nagpapcivil na lang. Ang dameng documents na inaasikaso. :(

flowerdrumsong said...

hey, nice post! i read a lot of great and successful men who honour their wives by saying that staying married is their accomplishment! so, i'd say, there's absolute truth in the saying "one should marry well."

Joanne MV said...

Wow! That is uber romantic and sweet! Sigh! :)

Gracie said...

@ drea – take it easy, girl. talagang ganyan, you’d need lots of patience in working on the required docs. remember that marriage is a partnership. it is like incorporating your own company kaya kailangang mag-go through sa process & may requirements din. don’t worry, your wedding is gonna be all worth the trouble.

Gracie said...

@ rowena – it feels so good knowing that many successful men acknowledge their married life as their achievement in life. it makes the wives truly feel important and they get a much-deserved applause, too!

Gracie said...

@ joanne – how sweet, ano? :)