Saturday, October 11, 2008

golden goodies

since hubby is working this weekend for a project at work, we decided to do the grocery shopping last Thursday evening. we went to Karama to buy our Filipino goodies stock, and was so thrilled at finding these at the store.

we've been going there for a couple of months now and it's the first time we've chanced upon these Goldilocks goodies (monggo bread, chewy brownies & pinipig polvoron), and Gardenia California Raisin Loaf, my favorite back home. in our excitement, we just dumped them in our shopping basket without checking the price.

now since these goods were air freighted, we expected they would be slightly pricey.

  • Goldilocks monggo bread loaf, AED 15.00 (USD 4.10)
  • Goldilocks chewy brownies, AED 5.50 (USD 1.50) each
  • Goldilocks pinipig polvoron, AED 1.95 (USD 0.50) each
  • Gardenia raisin loaf, AED 18.00 (USD 5.00)
yes, they may be a lot costly compared to their retail prices back home, but the joy of these goods tickling our tastebuds is priceless. it will take us about two more months before we can fully enjoy these Pinoy finds. let's just say these ones are our teasers of more Pinoy goodies which we'll indulge ourselves into before the year ends.


jody said...

Oh my! ang mahal ng isang pulvoron ah! pero gustong gusto ko yan goldilocks pulvoron!

Gracie said...

naku jody, sinabi mo pa! parang gold nuggets ang presyo!