Monday, October 6, 2008

birthday parties extravaganza

since last month, we've been invited to a number of birthday parties left and right that i haven't had time to blog about them. to summarize things, i'm just gonna post pictures here of the shindigs we attended & make a brief of how the party went, not forgetting the details of how good the food were!

Party # 1 - Gayle's 27th 'Pink' thanksgiving party
location: Gayle & Pid's flat

Gayle is a fellow Dubai w@wie who is my batchmate. we met through the forum and coincidentally, she's also a close friend of my team mate at work, Hazel. Gayle's party was screaming pink, and we guests had to wear pink, too. hands down to her for being able to prepare such a feast. we loved the sushi, grilled salmon and baked spareribs! and she's quite lucky for having a sister as pastry chef...look at that home made cupcake tree!

before we left, we were given tokens, too. it's like a debutant's party! everything was well thought of and executed.

Party # 2 - Klyde's Cars-themed 2nd birthday party
location: Fun City, Reef Mall

remember my hosting stint at
Klyde's 1st birthday last year? my, my - it's been a year already and how big Hazel's boy has grown since! this time, his party was held at an indoor amusement area in a mall. party details were carefully chosen, as well as the artworks used for the tarpaulins. Klyde's Lightning McQueen costume and some of the decors & balloons were even shipped from the U.S. food was catered by Salt & Pepper, while the kids were served Mc Donald's kiddie meals. there was so much food that we were even asked to bring home some take aways. how can we resist when they were all sooo good? ;-)

Party # 3 - Armil's 30th birthday bash
location: Armil & Mabe's studio flat

Armil is one of Ryan's oldest friends. they've been were blocmates, housemates and brods back in college. we joined him, his wife and his other friends in celebrating his big 30, which was filled with laughter and surprises. Armil is one lucky birthday boy...he got a new Nikon D700 and Nintendo wii at the same time - thanks to the wife! :) food was really delicious, and we specially loved the dry sisig, sweet & sour fish and the grilled liempo...mmmm, sarap!! thanks to the couple, by the way, as we were introduced to the electric smoke-free griller available at Hyper Panda :) yeah!!

Party # 4 - Emtee's 28th purple beerday party
location: Emtee & Rico's villa

Emtee is another fellow w@wie who happens to be my cousin Sarj's classmate back in college. see how small the world is? ;-) for her birthday party this year, we made sure to be present 'cos we failed to attend her last year's party. good thing we were there otherwise we would've missed the delectable dishes her family served. lechong kawali was a cardiac arrest treat that i kept coming back for at the buffet table. and the carbonara was so tasty to the lips i almost went for a second helping, had i not been distracted by the kare-kare to which i'm a fan because it's partnered with bagoong that i love! alcohol was also overflowing. tequila and Jack Daniels got me singing to "What a Feelin'", which was rather embarassing! *blushing cheeks*

Party # 5 - Tin Tin's 2nd Pink-themed party
location: Fun City, Reef Mall

the daughter of my ex-colleague, Maria, i've seen Tin-Tin practically grow up from a darling little imp to one of the cutest and brightest toddlers in town. the little girl amazed us with her dancing abilities and good manners - saying 'thank you' whenever she's handed a gift (she knows where to put them, too). she sure does know how to entertain her guests at a very young age. she also perfected the blowing of candles of her cake...we were told she's had a lot of practice at home.

meal time was fun for all of the guests, too. for kids, they had Mc Donald's kiddie meal, while us adults feasted on pinoy dishes catered by Cortage. the palitaw, pork menudo & buko pandan brought me back to town fiesta days back home!


now that wraps up the string of birthday parties we attended the last few weeks. here's to hoping for more to come for the all celebrators. cheers to their good health!

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