Wednesday, September 10, 2008

when tremors hit

remember my post a while ago about my killer heels? today of all days when i’ve chosen to break it in, the earth decided to give us a little shake.

it was pretty scary as we had about 3 waves that made our 15-storey building (well, technically, it’s 16 floors ‘cos we have ground floors and 1st floors in this part of the world) sway for about a good few seconds. it literally scared the hell out of me! i was talking to a Customer Service Agent from HSBC over the phone when it occured, and as soon as i felt the ground move, i yanked my frenemy, A’s hand, and held on to it the whole time. we were the only two members of our team left on our section as it happened a few minutes after 3:00 pm. a few have already left, while some were still on the floor preparing to leave for the day.

after the last wave, people started evacuating the premises. as our workstations were just across the fire exit, we were able to move out of the building in no time. before i hit the stairs, i removed my shoes and carried them ‘till i got out of the building. i was cursing under my breath, blaming myself for choosing the wrong day to wear such dang heels.

much to my relief, there were no aftershocks while we were evacuating the building. as i was struggling to squeeze out of the building, i phoned Ryan to let him know what was happening. when i reached the assembly point, i called my bestfriend, B to check on her, as well as my cousin, Sarj, who lives a block away from our centre.

whew! that was an eventful afternoon, eh! thank heavens nobody got hurt! apparently, there was a 7.1 earthquake that hit Iran, and since we’re close to their shores, some parts of the UAE felt the tremors. click
here for more information about this afternoon’s act of nature. you’ll notice all pictures were taken in the perimeter of our financial centre.


Mommie Van said...

oh my god. this is scary, glad no one got hurt.

Gracie said...

yup, buti na lang talaga. we just felt the tail of the tremors since Iran naman ang epicenter. but still, scary pa rin!

Weng said...

naku, huwag mo na ulit isuot ang mga sapatos na 'yun! :D

Gracie said...

don't worry, weng, hindi na talaga. pang certain occasions na lang. torture sya!