Friday, September 12, 2008


here in the UAE, it's TGIT instead of TGIF. but nonetheless, i'm accepting this tag from dear Joanne.

Friday is like Saturday for us, so that means spending extra time in bed in the morning to make up for waking up so early for work during weekdays. if there's one thing i love about weekends, it's the chance to catch up on some much needed sleep.

Friday is our chores day, too, so most of what's been neglected from Sundays to Thursdays are being looked after on this day (i.e. laundry, ironing, decluttering, etc.). come evening, we sometimes catch a movie at a nearby cinema, or hang out with friends, like tonight, we'll be attending a birthday party of a fellow ex-Dubai w@wie. tomorrow's plans are mostly errands: visit the Mitsubishi shop to meet with our service advisor for the bad paint job they did to Yumi a few months back, and go to two of our banks - one is to file a complaint, and one is to close an account and transfer funds to our other bank account. oh, and not to forget - have a plumber check our bathroom pipes, too. as you can see, we don't have a very interesting Saturday to look forward to, but i guess we'll just have to do them all as they need to be done. i just hope we could squeeze in a nice meal in between all these tasks.

i'm sending this message to my blogger pals
Kelly, Jody & Tracy 'cos i wanna know what their weekend plans are.

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