Monday, September 1, 2008

ramadan kareem

it’s that time of the year once again. today is the first day of our Muslim brothers & sisters’ holy month of Ramadan. as this is a Muslim country, it means no food and drinks from sun up to sun down for those who are fasting. for those who aren’t, food and liquid intake is not allowed within public view. here at work, we’ll be hitting our good ‘ole pantry for a quick sip or bite from 9:00 am till 3:00 pm. shortened work hours, but stressful for some, like me. it means all my tasks must be squeezed in 6 hours, with no lunch break in between.

i guess it will be much easier for me this time, as this is my 4th ramadan here in the UAE. i plan on coinciding my diet with the locals’ fasting, and i hope it works for me. gotta get rid of all these excess fats! my flabs look too revolting! :(

anyway, i digress. here's wishing a blessed ramadan to all the Muslims out there.


chung said...

pareho tayo ng title ng post :)

aec said...

hirap naman for you non-Muslims! :(

Gracie said...

hi chung!
oo nga...hehe!

hi mandy,
yup, it's a bit hard 'cos sa workplace ko andaming Muslims. it's not easy finishing a cup of cappuccino in less than 5 minutes ha!

kelly said...

revolting pala ha. yung sakin din! hahaha!