Wednesday, September 10, 2008

of shoes and pains

i’m in the mood to wear skirt today, so i’ve decided to break in my new pair of pumps to match it. i know it’s so crazy of me to do this knowing that the first time use for any leather pair is, more often than not, painful. but just like any other pair of shoes, i have to at least start wearing them, and use them consistently so that they’d eventually be more comfortable for long term use. you see, my feet are gingerlike in shape, so it’s not easy to slip them on any footwear, especially on closed, pointed shoes.

i normally choose comfort over fashion, but this time around, i’ve gone against myself. in order to give justice to this pair, i know i’ll have to sacrifice a few more days of painful strides with sore toes and aching balls of feet to be able to walk perfectly on these 4-inch killer stiletto heels. but i’ll get there soon. for now, i’ve to suffer a little ‘till the pains go away…all for the sake of fashion.

on a different note, i’d like to think shoes are like break ups: painful in the beginning, but once you’ve adjusted to it's size and shape, you’d eventually outgrow the pain and walk with your chin held up high. my analogy is so lame, but admit it, there’s a hint of truth to that, right? ;-)


Mommie Van said...

loved ur analogy! ^_^ made me think! teehee and i actually agree..

anyway, i miss the image of me walking in a stiletto, but the pain? nope. don't miss that.

ahahaha. but it doesn't hurt to walk in them once in a while, wag lang ung whole day. teehee di ko na yata kaya.

Gracie said...

hi mommie van,
o di ba true naman? hehe! masakit lang sa umpisa, pero pag sanay na, carry na rin! :)
i wish i could do away with stiletto heels, kaso since midget ako, i have to create this illusion na i’m just about the average height. di ba ang ganda natin maglakad when we’re wearing stilettos? kaso nga lang painful talaga sya sa paa, lalo na pag leather…huhuhu!

aec said...

wala bang pic of the killer heels with the owner? :)

Weng said...

4 inches? wow! i never went beyond 2 inches! hee hee. hindi talaga pang high heels ang mga paa ko. :)

Gracie said...

hi mandy,
sige, i'll wear them & show you how tall those shoes are. naku, last time ko nang bibili ng Aldo shoes, promise!!!

Gracie said...

hi weng,
siguro i'll leave the 4 inches sa ibang occasions na lang, hindi na para sa work. kaya nga pag weekends flip flops lang ako or sneakers eh para pahinga ang mga feet & calves ko.

kelly said...

dear, i NEED to see those shoes! =D

Gracie said...

hi kelly,
next week i'll post the pic - promise! :)