Monday, September 22, 2008

my very own cheer bear

the husband has a knack for spoiling me – to the max!

to help keep my mind off our disappointment last weekend, he got me this:

it was one of the loveliest gifts i’ve ever received from hubby, albeit the reason. i wasn’t too keen about it at first, obviously dwelling on the recent turn of events. but later on, i realized that my husband’s sweet gesture needs to be appreciated. he's done this apart from being my personal cheerleader the past few days.

the bag is not to be associated with my loss, rather it is an aide memoire of Ryan’s steadfast love and support. God, what did i do to deserver such a wonderful partner in life? i’m so overwhelmed!


chung said...

speedy? don't you have one na? :)

this is what i call retail therapy! :) parang ganito din blog ko last 2006. after the unfortunate incident, we went and bought a car, hehe.

tracypamela said...

Wow!!! my guess is a tivoli. Am i right? :)

Gracie said...

hi chung,
yah, i remember that post of yours. yung sa ‘kin naman suhol na yan ni hubby para wag na ko umiyak. oo nga, retail therapy siguro muna for the time being. i’m thinking of other projects hubby & i can to take our minds off it.

Gracie said...

hi tracy! it’s a classic Speedy 30 that i don’t have yet. hubby thought it would go well with my trunks & bags mini pochette kasi.

Joanne MV said...

Wow! Your hubby is sweet :) And he knows a way to cheer you up ;)

Tinggay said...

congrats congrats on the new bag, kainggit!! :) o, wag na iiyak! :) God has His reasons, and I'm sure you will be blessed with a little one in His time. ENjoy your new LV!

Gracie said...

@ joanne, thanks, sis! parang personal clown ko na nga ang asawa ko. ’m so blessed to have him.

@ tinggay, thank you, dear! oo nga, bawal na ko umiyak kse he’ll return it daw ‘pag umiyak pa ko. i’m loving the bag & i’ve been lugging it since last Sunday at work. sa lahat ng bags ko, ito siguro ang pinaka-special.