Wednesday, September 3, 2008

gossip girl is back!

...and i'm so ecstatic! just finished watching season 2's first episode, "summer, kind of wonderful", and i already can't wait for the second episode.

i say the wait for season 2 was all worth it! the first episode totally exceeded my expectations - even gave me a good laugh. it started with a bang by inserting a whole lot of changes - both good & bad, reunions, confrontations, and stepping up.

i like it that the Manhattan teenagers (who act like adults) were all spotted at the Hamptons having a last hurrah before school starts. i can't help but love the way the Hamptons bring out the daytime class on all of those socialites. i'm not an avid fan of glitz and glamour, but i like fashion enough to take notice of their ensembles and leather goods. here are some pictures of what i'm talking about:

the Queen B is back (with her Monogram trunks)

i spot the Chanel bag

simple, yet sexy

Greek goddess Serena

is there a trace of that little girl in The Grinch movie?

speaking of fashion, its Chuck Bass' unique fashion sense that draws me more to watch this series. i know that as an actor, Ed Westwick must probably have a designer who puts his wardrobe together. but i can't help but admire how a guy could pull off those stunts in such sophisticated manner. so shushal! plus i like his character, too. i love the way he acts so "angas" but in truth has a soft spot.

extraordinary combination

i personally think that the encounters of my favorite couple, Bluck (as in Blair & Chuck) were the highlights of this episode. their witty banters and word fight won me over!

lush greens

at Port Washington

at the White Party

ooh, just a few more days and i'll be seeing the next of this controversial series that's keeping everyone on their toes (especially those parents who find the series too sleazy)!

take care now people, and be good. remember,
"karma is a b*tch!".

**photos courtesy of CW & Gossip Girl Insider


chung said...

i loooove that blue chanel bag of serena!!! I WANT!!!! but in white :)

tracypamela said...

I love gossip girl!!! Just saw the preview of it on youtube and I can't wait to see the full episode. Blair is also my favorite. I love how she can be a b*tch and a best friend at the same time. Wish I can carry her style. Just need to learn to love chuck though. he's so stylish... Metrosexual. Haha!

kelly said...

i'm so intrigued na by this show. i'll buy dvd na talaga and watch season 1