Thursday, September 11, 2008

earthquake update

we’re back to work this morning, and everyone’s still talking about the tremors UAE felt yesterday afternoon. people are sharing stories of their experiences when they felt the world spinning, while some are claiming they didn’t feel a thing. i’m just relieved no one was hurt, and that everyone got out of the buildings safely.

Gulf News has another article about the quake, and has focused its story on the DIFC. it appears that the quake was only felt on some parts of Dubai, particularly on the long stretch of Sheikh Zayed Road. i dunno, are we sitting on a fault line?


Shelly said...

Hi Garcie. Felt it here in Qusais kaya. I was in the computer after putting my son to sleep. My chair started shaking and I thought it was possesed hahaha. Pati yung buildings outside gumagalaw. Creepy talaga.

Weng said...

i feel relieved too that no one was hurt! be extra careful, ok! :)

Jody said...

Naku, nagka-earthquake pala dyan.


Btw, tagged you here.

Gracie said...

hi shelly,
buti na lang it wasn't that strong, no? and buti na lang horizontal earthquake force so it's not that dangerous. let's just be alert na lang all the time.

Gracie said...

thank you, weng! dapat talaga alert lagi & may presence of mind. thank God we all got out of the building safe & wala nang aftershocks na nangyari!

Gracie said...

thanks, Jody for the award! :)