Wednesday, September 24, 2008

the Atlantis

the much-awaited Atlantis opens today at the man-made island, The Palm Jumeirah, here in Dubai. it’s the latest recreation and tourism area in town that boasts of four sections suited for entertainment and relaxation across all ages.

first, they have the hotel part of the complex, where conventional rooms are available, as well as three floors dedicated for their “lost chambers suites” that spell total underwater experience. for ocean lovers, you’ll probably enjoy rooming in with various sea creatures in this cozy room:

and get to dip in your bath with this audience:

dining entertainment courtesy of our underwater friends:

the second part is the Aquaventure, which is their thrilling version of a water park, so to speak. imagine sliding down near vertical, then through their shark-infested lagoon…yikes!

the third one is the Lost Chambers, which is like a giant aquarium with thousands of marine animals swimming in tranquil waters around you. they have a maze of underwater halls and tunnels under the Ambassador Lagoon that would interest any deep water lover.

and the fourth section is their Dolphin Bay, a four and a half hectare complex that also serves as a conservatory exclusively for dolphins that are cared for in the island.

we’ve yet to see the Atlantis. if we find time during the Eid holidays, we might go and have a look. i’m keen about the Dolphin Bay.

**photos courtesy of the Atlantis website


cheche said...

wow! gusto ko na punta dyan! =D

Gracie said...

go, punta na dito with the baby! :)