Sunday, August 10, 2008

weekend wrap up

as i was sick the day before, i mightily fought my way to get to work last Thursday. it felt like everything was a blur, but i was successful enough to endure the whole day barking like a pathetic dog at my workstation. my colleagues were asking me to go home, but i just had to make them suffer with my unappealing voice and nasty cough *evil grin*. as soon as the day was over, hubby and i went home immediately and just relaxed by watching his favorite anime series, Naruto. we crawled to bed at half past ten, and woke up the next day reenergized from our 10 hour sleep.

breakfast was served at 9:00 am by none other than me :) the aroma of bacon strips, sunny side up eggs and steamed Jasmine rice whiffed all over the flat. it was a real treat because we had Pampanga’s Best bacon - mmmm, yum yum! we only get to enjoy home-cooked breakfasts during weekends because for the rest of the week, we’re off to the gym as early as 6:00 am.

for the rest of the day, we just lazed around doing practically nothing. we just ate, surfed the net, slept, then ate some more, surfed some more, and slept some more. i guess we had enough rest that day ‘cos some Saturday, we were both feeling good and groovy. this time, we left the house to do some errands (i.e. pay bills, do the groceries, bring the PS3 to Virgin for repair – this is a different story!). hubby also dropped me off at the salon for some pampering. i had my hair trimmed and treated for oil bath, and my nails done, too. oh, it was a relaxing 2 hour 'me time', which i liked immensely! the hubby, on the other hand, spent two hours at Time Square Center for his technology update at Sharaf Digital while waiting for me.

for lunch, we tried
Wagamama at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Sheikh Zayed Road. i’ve been here for more than 3 years, but i’ve never tried this restaurant before. in fact, my first Wagamama experience was in London one rainy day at Earl’s Court with my uncle last year. meanwhile, it was Ryan’s first encounter with the funky oriental resto so he was pretty excited, especially when i told him it’s a ramen bar type of place. anything Japanese catches my hubby’s interest…especially food!! ;-)

we ordered ebi gyoza and ebi katsu side dishes, and had teriyaki salmon soba and teriyaki steak soba for our mains. their teppan fried noodles that served as bed for the salmon and steak were really delicious, i have to say! the teriyaki sauce for the meats were just right, too. not too sweet and not too heavy. totally lipsmacking good!

after our very filling lunch, we went to visit my cousins at Baan Dusit for an afternoon chat. we had early dinner at their cafeteria, which served a variety of international dishes, with mostly Thai food that tasted authentic (well, what do you expect - it's a Thai hotel chain!). we stayed there for a couple of hours, and then went home at 6:30pm. we arrived home tired but happy after a long day of gallivanting :)

how about you, how was your weekend?

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